6pm: “amore, saremo in sei per cena…”!

yes, we decided to have people for dinner around 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, having practically nothing in the fridge, except the two sea brims I had bought in the morning for dinner for the two of us. so, after running to the fish market to get the (one) last brim and a bas, and got some vegetables at the store next door, we managed to put together a respectable five-course dinner in about one hour work total!

8pm: table ready and (the first ever) ambient music (1975) in the background, guests ring the door!

who: Anne, Marc, Caroline, François, the two of us


  • stuzzinchini di pasta sfoglia con semini varii (lino, sesamo, sesamo nero, semi di papavero)
  • mini tatin di cipolla e uvetta all’argan, servite su letto di misticanza
  • dorate e branzino al forno
  • finocchi stufati con le erbe del giardino
  • formaggi
  • crumble di rabarbaro
  • tisane e John’s Sloe Gin

… and, yes John, your Sloe Gin is nearly finished (it might be gone by tonight!).



~ by michelaandgavin on May 9, 2008.

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