aphrodisiac birds or stuffed quails on the spit?

In Afrodita (Cuentos, Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos) Isabelle Allende (she is definitively one of my favorite authors) states that these small wild birds have such an aphrodisiac power! Well, reading her book, 90% of our food is aphrodisiac… will it depend who you cook it for/with!? ;))

Anyway, these were a really good Sunday night tête-a-tête supper!

2 quails

for the stuffing:

  • roasted pine nuts, one spoon
  • raisin soaked in cognac, one spoon
  • bacon or smoked ham, chopped in small pieces, one spoon
  • fresh rosemary, a pinch

The lady where we bought the quails had emptied the birds before we had realized. Next time will be better to keep the liver and add it to the stuffing. Alternately, a bit of foie gras.

Mix the ingredients of the stuffing and gently place inside the birds. Place the quails on the rotating spit of your oven and roast them at 270°C for 25 minutes. The continuous rotation of the spit avoid the annoying problem of having a dry and stringy breast in order to cook the bird all through.

They were server with some fresh peas sauté in oil with chopped shallots.



~ by michelaandgavin on April 26, 2008.

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