Easter Dinner


…or: Gavin bought a baby goat and now we have to eat it!

Who: Jon (Rena declined, was sick), Carsten and Mona, Franky, Annette, Max (and the two of us)


  • Taralli with oregano, rosemary, chili pepper, aniseed

as aperitif served with Champagne or white wine

  • Bucatini cacio e pepe with leeks
  • Roasted goat with baby potatoes in rock salt, black pepper and rosemary
  • Poached pears in sweet white wine, juniper barry, rosemary and ricotta salata

Bucatini cacio e pepe with leeks: emblem of a perfect marriage! Leek is the national Welsh vegetables and Bucatini cacio e pepe represents one of the most popular pasta dish of the roman culinary tradition. The recipe was suggested in the February issue of Sale&Pepe and been already posted elsewhere.

The goat cut in pieces was marinated in oil, thyme and rosemary for an hour or so before cooking. Then roasted in hot oven (220°C) for about 40 minutes. Time will depends on size of the pieces: the bigger ones were still a bit red inside and needed a bit longer in the oven.

Baby potatoes were pre-boiled for 5 minutes and then coated with rock salt, black pepper and rosemary. In the meantime oil was heating up in a hot oven (270°C) in a baking dish. Finally baked the potatoes in the hot oil for 20-30 minutes at 220°C, while the goat was cooking.

Awaiting for the post on the various flavors home made Taralli…



~ by michelaandgavin on March 23, 2008.

One Response to “EASTER”

  1. Che onore! Siete i primi a citare un mio post. La gioia è grande anche se la ricetta non è farina del mio sacco.

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